Continuing Professional Development

Events for Counsellors & Psychotherapists

I offer a variety of workshops and CPD training events for individual practitioners as well as for counselling and therapy organisations and services.

My approach to CPD learning

In order to do justice to the variety of learning styles which participants bring to the events, there is usually a mixture of theoretical, practical and experiential learning, involving everybody at the level and to the degree that they are expecting and willing to engage. As we are dealing with what happens between people, the group itself provides a learning situation, with people learning from and with each other. Each participant’s experience is therefore understood as a resource. Depending on the theme and the configuration of the group, we can pay attention to the unfolding group dynamic (and how it supports or hinders participants) as an aspect of the learning. Balancing attention to each participant’s psychological and learning process with the group process and the task and objectives of the course is an important element in how I teach.