All testimonials and feedback comments regarding Morit’s work as a supervisor and tutor are volunteered responses, published here with permission.

“Morit’s Integrative Trauma Therapy course has enriched my own integrative relational approach to trauma work. As an experienced psychotherapist, I was interested in exploring those moments of “stuckness’ or rupture in my work, which can leave me feeling immobile. Morit’s embodied approach to teaching and supervision has shed light on these moments, and helped me to move through stuck points.  Her teaching about the challenges and the transformative potential of enactments has been invaluable. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to work experientially amongst a supportive group of practitioners, and would recommend this course to therapists wishing to deepen their knowledge and understanding of trauma work.”

CM, Psychotherapist.

“I attended all three of Morit’s trauma therapy training days and really enjoyed the progression and pacing of the material. I was really impressed with how Morit integrated [relational, character and trauma] theories with experiential learning in an accessible and compassionate way. I used to get really nervous presenting client work and having live supervision in a group but Morit’s teaching style is very engaging and supportive so I gave it a go. I am so glad I did as it gave me a felt sense of how to recognise and respond to the complex relational dynamics that can arise when working with traumatised clients. I found this style of learning so helpful for my client work/own development. I highly recommend this training. Thank you Morit!”

CJ, Psychotherapist.

“Absolutely brilliant. Great pacing. Good to have time to work with individual client work. Gentle way of working but feels safe and secure. Learned loads as always.”

Sarah, Counsellor.

“Fabulous weekend – I can really feel how I’ve grown since last time. Would love some tips on reading or follow-up references. Love how you model and embody so much of what you say/teach …. massive thanks.”

Angela, Psychotherapist.

“I just wanted to thank you for the workshop on Saturday.  I often feel that we practice in a very shame-based profession, so it was a huge relief to feel safe enough to bring ‘my worst’ and have the opportunity to work with it and learn at the embodied level that I have been looking for. These workshops are exactly what I was looking for to support my learning and to build on in my work.  I feel boosted and excited about my work and enormously grateful to you for allowing a safe place to test ourselves in public.”

CH, Psychotherapist.

“A brilliant two day workshop, in my opinion what particularly impacts me is your ability as a supervisor, to really ‘get’ the client.”

Malcolm, Psychotherapist.

“Great workshop. Pacing, holding, content and delivery. New developments personally and professionally much movement. Thank you!”

Jonathan, Psychotherapist.

“Morit you are an amazing trainer. I find your teaching clear and meaningful. Great knowledge and experience. I have learned so much about embodied trauma therapy. Your approach is gentle and powerful. Thank you.”