All testimonials and feedback comments regarding Morit’s work as a therapist are volunteered responses, published here with permission.

“One of the disturbing aspects of ‘PTSD’ is that it is not just the mind that is reacting to what happened to you – the body keeps on reacting, too. You don’t just feel the fear emotionally: your body also does things that seem beyond your control, freezing, switching off, speeding up, slowing down, becoming dizzy . . . . And it can do that without your having any memory to match it. You simply don’t know what is going on, and it can take a long time to realize that you are re-living something from the past.

Used by a sensitive therapist (like Morit), EMDR is a simple but effective technique that helps you to process what happened to you. It gently takes your mind into an emotional reaction and puts that together with giving your body a gentle left-right stimulus. The combination somehow enables the mind and the body to reconnect, to re-live what happened in a safe environment, and so to process what has hitherto been unbearable. And so what happened becomes a memory of something past rather than a present nightmare or a future terror.

The words ‘gentle’ and ‘safe’ are crucial here. One of the things I have most appreciated about Morit’s approach has been that she has taken things SLOWLY. Any time she sensed that I was afraid or reluctant, she stopped and we explored the fear. So the therapy, although grueling, was bearable, and I had a firm foundation on which to move on to the next step.”

Ida Glaser (2015)

“The effects my rape had on me were completely devastating. I developed PTSD as well as severe acne. I desperately needed help and, three months ago, decided to try EMDR after a friend had mentioned it to me. Now, after my treatment, I no longer have flashbacks, nor do I feel the bitterness and rage I felt towards my family and friends following the attack. Unfortunately I only had time for 4 and half sessions, but the progress I made in these few weeks was amazing. There is still some work to do, but this therapy made more than just a start to my healing. During my therapy I felt safe and comfortable, as well as completely confident in Morit’s knowledge and methods. EMDR, coupled with acupuncture, has pulled me out of the most difficult year of my life and, almost completely cured the physical, emotional, and mental effects of post traumatic stress disorder. I am incredibly grateful.”

Amy Louise Butler (2016)