Morit Heitzler MSc – WHAT I OFFER:

Counselling & Psychotherapy for Individuals (in Oxford, UK)

Integrative Body Psychotherapy (in Oxford)

I am an Integrative Body Psychotherapist, member of UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and EABP (European Association for Body Psychotherapy) with more than 20 years’ experience of working as an individual psychotherapist and counsellor.

Somatic Trauma Work (in Oxford)

I am a trauma specialist in private practice in Oxford, having trained in Somatic Trauma Therapy and worked for some years at the Trauma Service of the Maudsley Hospital.

EMDR for Trauma (in Oxford)

I am an accredited EMDR practitioner, registered with the EMDR Association of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Training and CPD Events (in UK & Israel)

I have been working as a trainer of therapists and counsellors for many years, both as a regular guest trainer for Reidman College in Israel and independently in the UK. I frequently am invited by counselling and psychotherapy services, associations and training organisations to provide CPD workshops. I have also regularly been offering workshops and presentations at various professional conferences.

Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists (in Oxford and on Skype)

Having trained with CSTD (Centre for Supervision and Team Development), I have been working as a supervisor with counsellors and psychotherapists from a variety of therapeutic orientations and modalities since 2002.

Supervision for Complementary Practitioners (in Oxford and on Skype)

Having trained in a range of complementary disciplines throughout the 1980’s, I later developed a special course for complementary practitioners, bringing awareness of the therapeutic relationship and its psychological/relational dynamics to the practice of massage, osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, acupuncture and many others.

I have been running this course both in Israel and the UK, and on that basis have developed a specialised form of supervision which draws both on the psychotherapeutic understanding of the patient-practitioner relationship and on the holistic understanding of the complementary therapies.

‘The Therapeutic Relationship’ – Unique Modular CPD Course for Complementary Practitioners (in Oxford)

This series of courses is designed specifically for complementary practitioners. It will introduce some of the basic principles of psychology and look into the complexity of the patient-practitioner relationship. By exploring the unspoken dynamics evoked in the therapeutic relationship, it will help to increase your understanding of the emotional and psychological aspects of holistic work.

‘Character Styles’ – Comprehensive Modular CPD Course for Supervision for counsellors and psychotherapists

This comprehensive, modular course for counsellors and psychotherapists is designed to familiarise you with the theory and application of ‘character styles’ to your everyday practice. ‘Character Styles’ – or character structure theory, as it was traditionally called – is the most comprehensive developmental model we have available to us as counsellors and therapists. In its current form (Stephen Johnson (1994) “Character Styles”), it is the most integrative, embodied and holistic system describing types of clients, according to their basic, existential life issues.

Family Constellations Workshops

Having trained in Family Constellations since the late 1990’s, I now offer occasional weekend workshops.